ARMSCOR Fun Shoot
       In this year's Defense & Sporting Arms Show (DSAS). ARMSCOR will again hold the ARMSCOR Fun Shoot giving everyone, young and old, female or male, the opportunity to experience the fun of target shooting using the best in ARMSCOR line of CO2 powered air guns.

     The Fun Shoot will be held in a makeshift target range inside the DSAS venue. It has an eight (8) 10-meter shooting bays complete with target shooting paraphernalia. A group of well trained ARMSCOR personnel will man the range that will ensure the safety and enjoyment of the participants. A shooter could choose among the four ARMSCOR airguns, namely: the Standard Rifle, Executive Rifle, Retractable Rifle and the Air Pistol.

     To join the Fun Shoot, an individual has to buy a target paper that includes five (5) pellets. A good shooter who can make at least one (1) bulls eye hit in the given target paper will receive an ARMSCOR bullet key chain. In addition, he will be entitled to a raffle ticket that will give him a chance to win an air rifle unit.

     As in the past, this ARMSCOR Fun Shoot is expected to be a major attraction in this year's DSAS. Come and experience the fun of shooting using world-class ARMSCOR airguns. Who knows, there might be a shooting champ in you!


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